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About us

Your growth is our priority.

The Women Hiring Circle is a social enterprise, established since 2020.

And it's conformed by an international community of women with working expertise in different fields.

Most of our members are based in The Netherlands. But, we also have presence in other countries for example in Germany, United Kingdom, and South Africa.

Our mission: Building a female network where women can connect and learn from each other. And handing support to our members to successfully reach their potential in the local job market.


Our vision: Open the dialogue about the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our conduct code: be respectful, honest, kind, and open to dialogue.

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"Success breeds confidence"

Beryl Markham

Our Story

Everything started in May 2020 as an idea to support other women seeking job opportunities in the Netherlands. I read an article about how difficult it is for (expat) women to find a job in the Netherlands, and that's how I came up with the idea of creating a group where women (expats and locals) support each other during their job search.

I shared the idea with a couple of female friends, at the time a few of them were looking for a job. Then, I talked to my husband about the idea of building a community (his support and feedback has been very helpful, we are a very good team!). After receiving valuable feedback, I decided to start this initiative. In less than a month, I created a Slack channel, logo, website, LinkedIn page, and had talked with experts to participate or provide advice. We  are still learning during this process, but this is just the beginning of all that we can achieve together.

 Wendy Garcés

Initiator of Women Hiring Circle & Founder of Wandy Marketing


Meet The Team

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Wendy Garcés

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1st Member / Founder

Hi, I coach women and help them to achieve their personal and professional goals. I want to highlight the importance of D&I in the workplace. That's why I initiated The Women Hiring Circle.


Carla Napoleão

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Member / Volunteer

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D&I Patrons

The Women Hiring Circle is supported by D&I Patrons donation's. We want to thank you for your trust, and support. Your monthly donations made via Patreon help us to cover admin costs, support financial costs involved in the creation of programmes and make them affordable.

Thank you:

Wendy Garcés

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