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The Women Hiring Circle it’s a community-driven initiative that opens dialogue about diversity and inclusion.

We aim to support female professionals to successfully reach their potential in the local job market.

In our community we create an ambience where women share best practices, contribute valuable information, participate in our activities, and support other women in finding their next professional job opportunity.


Connecting women with opportunities

Our Roots

Everything started with the idea to connect women with career opportunities in the Netherlands. I was reading an article about how difficult it is for (expat) women to find a job in the Netherlands, and that's when I came up with the idea of creating a group where women (expats and locals) support each other in their search for job opportunities. This is how Women Hiring Circle started. 

I shared the idea with a couple of friends (women), some of whom looking for a job. I then talked to my husband about it (his support and feedback has been helping me, we are a very good team!). After receiving valuable feedback, I decided to start this initiative. In less than a month, I had created a Slack channel, logo, website, LinkedIn page, and had talked with experts to participate or provide advice. We all are still learning in the process, but this is the beginning of all that we can achieve together.

 Wendy Garcés

Initiator of Women Hiring Circle & Founder of Wandy Marketing

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Viviane Cavalcanti,

Content Creator and Event Programmer

I am very grateful to Wendy and the Women Hiring Circle for all the support and for having me as part of their network. Wendy’s support was utmost in helping me have more confidence during my job search. Also, the Women Hiring Circle was a critical piece during these Covid times for helping me and other women to stay focused and not lose hope regarding professional achievements.

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Julia de Fuentes Hergueta,

Open to Project Management opportunities

The goal is to help all these people, especially women, to land a job, or to find the job of their dreams. But honestly, Women Hiring much more than that today. Wendy has created an amazing community of women that help and support each other…I have been supporting the cause since I heard about it…

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Women Hiring Circle is an initiative proudly created by Wandy Marketing

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“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild