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The Women Hiring Circle it’s a community-driven initiative. Based in Amsterdam since 2020. We aim to support female professionals to successfully reach their potential in the local job market.

We provide recruitment services to organisations interested in increasing their productivity within their teams. 


By highlighting the importance of Diversity & Inclusion we contribute to reduce the gender gap in the work place.

   Our  Core  Values   



The Women Hiring Circle community is formed by women with working experience in different fields.



Through workshops, activities, and events organised by the Women Hiring Circle and partners.



We encourage our members to take action regarding their personal and professional goals.



We understand the power of networking, join our next event to connect with inspiring people.

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"I see a future where there are equal job opportunities and no salary gaps depending on gender"

Wendy Garcés | Founder of the Women Hiring Circle

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Spring - Summer Agenda

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Personal Branding

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Viviane Cavalcanti,
Content Creator and Event Programmer

I am very grateful to Wendy and the Women Hiring Circle for all the support and for having me as part of their network. Wendy’s support was utmost in helping me have more confidence during my job search. Also, the Women Hiring Circle was a critical piece during these Covid times for helping me and other women to stay focused and not lose hope regarding professional achievements.

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Julia de Fuentes Hergueta,
Open to Project Management opportunities

The goal is to help all these people, especially women, to land a job, or to find the job of their dreams. But honestly, Women Hiring much more than that today. Wendy has created an amazing community of women that help and support each other…I have been supporting the cause since I heard about it…

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We are on Patron!

Your contribution supports our mission and makes possible to cover admin costs. This way we can focus on creating content, organising events and building a community-driven initiative that opens dialogue about diversity and inclusion.​

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”

Diane Mariechild