What differentiate us from other courses is that from the 1st session we will encourage you to take immediate action towards your professional goals.

We focus on Personal Branding & Networking Skills.

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Landing a job in The Netherlands.

During this course you will learn about the Dutch labor landscape and how to do your job search efficiently, grow your network and practice for a job interview.

We specialised on providing the tools and coaching for expat women relocated to The Netherlands.

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Making a Career Move

It's never too late or early to make a career move and start working in something you are passionate about. After this course you will create a route map to land a new job.

This course is for women re-thinking their professional goal. It doesn't matter if you are an entry-level or senior. We do care about your well being and enjoying what you do is essential.

We have a network of people working in different fields, and we will take care of you during this phase because when you grow, the community around you grows.

If you are looking for a Career Coach we also offer 1:1 sessions.

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How does a job in tech look like?

During this masterclass you will meet other women working in tech. We will share with you different sources that will help you to persuade your career in tech + start connecting with recruiters.

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