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In April 2020 I read an article mentioning that expat women become entrepreneurs in The Netherlands because of the difficulties in landing a job.

For me as a woman with working experience in different countries, it entirely resonates. But, why if we increase conversations between employers and potential candidates? That's why I work everyday at the Women Hiring Circle.

I'm focusing on building a community of women with working experience in different fields, Why? Because as there are careers with high demand like tech or communication, there are areas with less highlights but facing similar career development challenges.

So, if you are part of a community of like minded women with ambitious ideas and plans it's more likely that you will feel empowered and energised to work on your personal and professional goals.

That's why I created the membership scheme at the Women Hiring Circle, in it you will find a diverse group of women, from happy employed women willing to support others, to those thinking of making a career move, new expats with tons of questions but ready to jump into a new adventure, and female entrepreneurs.

To become a member follow this 3 steps: fill the form available on this website, attend an informative session (to see if it suits your needs), and start your monthly subscription/payment on Patreon.

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