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Benefits of Career Coaching

Are you unsatisfied in your current job? Or are you considering to make a career move?

Well if you feel identified with any of the scenarios I mentioned before, continue reading. Because maybe it's time to talk to a Career Coach.

Career coaches can help you to figure out what to do, and start planning a career move if you are no longer satisfied with your current role, or improve your job hunting.

They can also help you to review and set short and long term goals towards career growth.

We are living in a world where everyday more people are making changes in their lives and it involves their career goals.

That's where a Career Coach takes over and work with you to move up .

We have listed the benefits of career coaching sessions:

  • Build confidence and define your value proposition.

  • Learn critical skills required in today's work environment.

  • Set goals and build a roadmap to your destination.

  • Build connections.

At the Women Hiring Circle we offer:

  • 1:1 Sessions.

  • Group Sessions

What differentiate us is our focus on personal branding, and networking. Those elements help you to increase the desirable results.

Request a discovery call (20 min.) to explore your choices. Fill the contact form to leave us a message or click here for more information about this and other services that we offer at the Women Hiring Circle.

We have coached more than 60 women since 2020.

Change is inevitable, and we are living in a transition where more organisations are implementing new business models where sustainability is the key factor of their business. And technology is advancing faster than ever and there is need of tech talent around the world.

If you need to pause to clear your mind, reflect about your goals and find your ideal job; consider Career Coaching.


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