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How to build a network in a new country?

Are you moving to a new country? Well let me first congratulate you for a new beginning in your life, changes are good! Of course, they will be certain topics that may required your attention.

But, once you are settled. Start connecting with people, it would make your life easier, and is good to participate in different communities, the more you explore the more you can learn, and make new connections doesn't hurt anyone.

I describe myself as an international connector. As someone who have lived in 3 different countries, I can tell you that being part of different communities, and start building a network have helped me to gain professional experience, connect with very interesting people and learn from them.

In May 2020 when the Women Hiring Circle started, I was sure about one thing: Making networking a pivot practice for other women to grow their professional careers, in this community you will find women with working experience in different fields.

So, how can you start growing your network in a new country?

First, I would invite you to have an online presence. If you want to grow a professional network, LinkedIn is the place to be. Have a look at your current profile, and update it if needed. If you need some help with it, keep an eye to our events page because I will be hosting a Masterclass on February 2023.

Once your profile is up to date, you need to select what kind of people you would like to interact with. When growing your network you need to keep in mind:

  • What can you offer them?

  • And what you would like to be remembered for?

Yes, you are new in town, and need to understand how things work. But, certainly there is something that you can share/offer to others. We are always good at something, and if it is related to your professional career even better.

Select the topic and try to share posts with the same frequency, at the beginning you may not have that much visibility... but the more you share, and participate in other conversations you will start seeing better results.

Once you feel in your own skin, and gain confidence it's time to start growing your network. I always recommend to be honest and respectful when sending request to connect with other people. Be genuine, and let the person know why do you want to connect with them.

Make a good first impression that would make them to remember you.

Trust me, you will see the results!

If you prefer social interactions, explore Meet ups, or social events near you. You will always find a group with similar interests, hobbies, sports or language schools in case you need to shape your language skills or lear a new one.

The more diverse your network is the better, because you will never know how useful a new connection could be.

And remember, try to pay forward. If you can help other people in your network, do it! If you want to follow me on LinkedIn click here.

If you like this post, share it with other women in your network. I will keep posting more content to help you to work on your personal branding and networking skills.

To become a member of the Women Hiring Circle click here. We host every month an online session for members to discuss different topics for example: career development, diversity & inclusion in the work place, and personal growth.

Follow us and be part of our community!

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