Recruitment Services

Diversity & Inclusion => Increases productivity

We hear more often about organisations growing their teams in a more diverse and inclusive work environment. That's why we offer different services to support you during the journey.

       Our services:

Work Meeting


Our goal is to make easier and efficient your hiring process. 

We love working with organisations interested in increasing D&I.

We offer a Business Membership ideal for recruiters, founders interested in supporting our mission and vision in highlighting the importance of D&I in the work place.

Additionally you get gain certain benefits.

The Inclusive Job Board

Publish the latest job vacancies in your organisation. Start today and try the service for free*. Send your request here.


*up to 3 job vacancies per organisation.


Recruitment Pitch Event

This is our favourite activity! During this events you (the recruiter) are the rock star! Let others know why they should apply for a job at your organisation during a five minutes pitch.


Career Challenges

Increase diversity and inclusion at the workplace by growing female participation. During this challenge women can learn from the organisation and you might find your next employee.

Diversity increases productivity.

We organise different recruitment events through the year. Become a sponsor today!

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