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We love working with HR!

The Women Hiring Circle understands the difficulties of finding the right candidate, or the challenges that nowadays more organisations are facing to increase D&I.

We offer different Corporate Services, but also we want to build better relationships with HR Managers, Recruiters and Founders that's why we created a Business Membership.

You may see Wendy Garcés (founder of the Women Hiring Circle) joining corporate events where a new tool to make hiring processes un-bias is introduced to the market or another day she will be learning about new software that facilitates everyday operations in HR.


We want to share those news with you in our Slack channel, a place that you can access to gain inspiration or connect with other recruiters. To join us become a Business Member today!

At work

Diversity & Inclusion = Increases productivity

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If your organisations is interested in increasing female participation. We would like to hear from you!

We organise different events through the year, you can participate as a sponsor and let others know how you support women in your workplace.

Recruitment Pitch Event

Take the stage and let potential candidates, why you could be their next employer.

Send us a message to get all the details to participate during our next event!

This is not a traditional job board.


The Inclusive Job Board is where inclusivity meets talent.

Do you know ... there is a group of international women ready to work in The Netherlands?

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