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For women

Since May 2020, when the Women Hiring Circle was founded by Wendy Garcés. She had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve: increase female representation at different hierarchy levels in any organisation.

Over the past 2 years we had identified 2 key factors that increase women opportunities to grow professionally, make a career move, or when moving to The Netherlands how make their integration more smoothly, those elements are: Personal Branding & Networking.

When we talk about diversity and inclusion, we need to consider our skills and personality, that's why we offer individual services like 1:1 coaching sessions or group sessions through the membership, but there is also people who enjoy a more structure learning process that's why soon we are introducing 3 new courses.

At the end of the day the Women Hiring Circle mission is the same, we want to see women taking the leadership of their professional careers, gaining confidence and feeling accompanied by the network we are building one day at the time.

Coaching 1 : 1

Schedule a 1 : 1

coaching session

with Wendy Garcés.

1 hr. session - €120 + VAT

This sessions are focus on personal branding & career development.

We organised events for members and non-members.


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have access to exclusive content, group sessions and discounts for events.

Monthly Fee   €10 + VAT

Registration via Patreon page.

Networking Sessions

We understand the value of connecting with the right people.

All networking sessions are planned to benefit the Women Hiring Circle members and followers.

  • Landing a job in The Netherlands.

  • Making a Career Move

  • How does a job in tech look like?

Fees apply.

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