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Increase your female representation

The Women Hiring Circle organises different activities through the year, and you can be part of it!

Our events include:

Recruitment Events

Career Challenges

Virtual Masterclasses

Group Coaching Sessions 

To increase diversity and inclusion in the work place we need to work together.


Events for 2022

We organised events for members of the Women Hiring Circle and for the public in general.

Recruitment Events

This is our favourite activity! During this events you are the rock star! Let others know why they should apply for a job at your organisation during a five minutes pitch.


Career Challenges

Bring the vibe of your organisation and set a challenge, we will spread the news between the Women Hiring Circle community.


Virtual Masterclasses

Through the year we organise at least 4 Masterclasses, when you sponsor one of them you are collaborating to strength the skills of potential employees.


Group Coaching Sessions*

This social service is for members of The Women Hiring Circle, we understand the challenges of being a woman in a new country. That's one of the main reasons when founded this social enterprise in 2020. 

When you sponsor one of this sessions, you support women to be integrated in the Dutch labor market.

*for members only.

Diversity increases productivity.

We organise different recruitment events through the year. Become a sponsor today!

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