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Expat women in The Netherlands

Welkom! You moved to The Netherlands, then what?

Moving to a new country requires an integration process and the truth is depending on your personal situation its how you may start learning about what you need to do to be incorporated to the labor market.

As an expat women who have lived abroad for more than 11 years. I can tell you that you most probably will spend the first 3-6 months to understand how everything works, from finding a house (if necessary), doing groceries, learning how to commute (select a bicycle), along to finding a community and make new friends.

Today I'm sharing with you part of my journey, use it as an example of the things that you can do to make the experience smoothy.

When I moved to London in 2011, I grew my network mostly with people from the same country I came from. But, when I moved to The Netherlands I decided to make it more diverse. And I think I made the right decision, because now I have an international network.

Every country demands certain requirements, if you are moving to The Netherlands I will advise you to:

  • Take your time to process and understand what do you want to do.

There is no rush, but take it seriously and invest time to make a plan and most importantly be flexible. Not everything may result as planned, but eventually you will find your path. Be patient with yourself, and if needed consider taking a mentor or coaching session. I offer 1:1 sessions in case you are interested, you can fill the form and I will contact you.

  • Start learning the language, eventually it will make your life easier.

Oh, yes! There are two possible scenarios: you may need to pass NT2 exam because your partner is Dutch or you don't require an exam because you are spouse of a high skill migrant. The second one was my case, and after two years living in Amsterdam I decided to start learning the language because I wanted to be full incorporated into the Dutch society. It doesn't hurt anyone to learn a new language and it could be fun!

  • Once you have a clear mind of what kind of job you are looking for, start investing time in growing your network. Trust me on this one!

At the Women Hiring Circle I offer group sessions to help you understanding your need and advise you where to start. I want to make this step easier for women (local and expats). My focus: personal branding and developing networking skills. You can join the next welcome session to learn more about the Women Hiring Circle membership.

What is it in it for you? Well, I created the Women Hiring Circle to make easier for women this integration process. I have coached young local women and female expats with working experience in different fields.

My purpose: building a network where women can learn about different skills that increase their value in the labor market. I'm not only focus on career growth/move, but also speak out about equal opportunities.

During the group sessions, you will learn about yourself, the labor market, how to negotiate better salary, and participate in virtual sessions where you can share your expertise to other members of the community.

I offer a microphone to other female leaders, and experts because the strength of any community its the people who conformed it. I have the privilege to meet inspiring people and want to share my learnings with others.

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