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The Power of Belonging

We all belong to a family, group of friends, or nationality. But, what about the feeling of belonging to a professional network?

When building the Women Hiring Circle network, we wanted to enhance the values, and the camaraderie within its members. Sounds a bit romantic, but the truth is belonging to a community where you share the same values, and one of its members grows, the rest of the community grows as well.

After 2 years and several trials, we found a balance point where we can make this project grow along the personal and professional growth of our members.

This path sometimes will disturb the traditional structure, because gaining equal opportunities is not an easy task. But with the power of data and information, we will build step by step the sources that any organisation can consult to create better D&I policies.

To all the people who have supported us, thank you! It includes female leaders, founders (men and women), first members in the network, new members, patrons, recruiters, and people who want to work in a better place where everyone counts and have access to opportunities.

This network is diverse! There is no restriction of nationality, age or profession. Why? Because we know that there are many women in The Netherlands (with different working experience) feeling a bit lost about their careers opportunities, from recent graduates to professionals with years of experience, moms trying to reincorporate to the working life.

What we see that others not? Well, we see an opportunity when connecting other women who are open to share their experiences and expertise with our community.

That's why women who are in a perfect place in their professional careers can/should join the Women Hiring Circle network, to build equal opportunities we need to open conversations between women working at different positions.

You can become a member or patron of the Women Hiring Circle and participate as a guest speaker in a virtual talk.

We will welcome you, this channel is for the community. It's a place for you!

Women feel stronger when people in their surroundings, share the same values and ethics. Our 4 pillars are: Community, Growth, Learning and Network.

  • Community - meet other women with working experience in different fields.

  • Growth - set and start working on your personal and professional goals.

  • Learning - through workshops, activities, and events.

  • Network - take your Personal Branding to the next level and connect with other professionals.

If you have a friend or colleague that may need this information, share this article with them.

Join our next Welcome Session, visit the events page for more information.


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